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Harvest Time

It is important for the believer to remember that harvest-time can be any time.

Read MoreAugust 10, 2021


Each believer has a tremendous family for which each of us should thank God, our...

Read MoreJuly 23, 2021


The necessary connection or integration of God’s Word cannot be achieved by hearing a sermon...

Read MoreJuly 2, 2021

Testimony – School counseling courses helped me

Putting Biblical values into practice are more important than ever. As a chaplain and as...

Read MoreJune 12, 2021


Your treasure reveals where your heart and allegiance lie. Jesus explained in Luke 12:34 that...

Read MoreJune 5, 2021

Memorial Day 2021

Without the people who made those sacrifices, our lives in America today would look very...

Read MoreMay 28, 2021

Testimony – Lessons learned

I think we should make parents aware that teachers are only moderators - at best,...

Read MoreMay 15, 2021


As a parent, I would sacrifice myself for my children. Most parents, regardless of culture,...

Read MoreMay 12, 2021

Natural Faith and Spiritual Faith

If we believe Jesus was speaking to us when He said, “Go into all the...

Read MoreApril 29, 2021

The importance of sharing

The best sharing involves the sharing of the best news humans have ever heard, the...

Read MoreApril 21, 2021