Harvest Time

As summer comes to a close, many turn their thoughts to the fall season and think of traditional harvest-time holidays, pictures and events.  It is important for the believer to remember that harvest-time can be any time.  A harvest follows a time of planting.  Regardless of season, there will be no harvest without a seed being sown.

Spiritual harvest is the same.  A seed sown in faith, according to the Word of God will always yield a harvest.  It is not dependent on the weather or the calendar.  It is dependent on the faith-words and faith-actions of the sower.  The process of sowing and harvesting is the same in the natural and in the spirit.  Jesus taught that truth in the 4th chapter of Mark’s gospel.

As we get ready for a new school year with crunchy, fallen leaves and fresh gift lists, let’s use all that to remind ourselves of the spiritual harvests that we should be ready to reap all throughout the year.  Just like there are spring, summer and fall crops in the natural, there are spiritual crops to be harvested at any time through faithful sowing and obedient harvesting.


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