Testimony – School counseling courses helped me

From the 2020 4th Quarter Report

“My name is Silvia Patricia Cortez Limpias.

I am 29 years old and a professor in the Technical-Technological General area of the Miguel Casted or Suarez Educational Unit in the municipality of Concepción, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

I am also a teacher of grades 3rd and 4th. My most important responsibility is that as chaplain for our elementary school and university. Personally, the topics addressed in school counseling courses have helped me in my home substantially. The pandemic has completely turned our daily lives around and have taken eduction in a completely different direction from what we lived before.

I have been taught to practice empathy. I recognize that I was missing the love of God by not practicing daily with the people you live with. I have already learned many things about my home and school as a result.

Putting Biblical values into practice are more important than ever. As a chaplain and as a teacher I motivate each of my students so that they can get ahead and can also practice the values so that they are good people. I always instill in them that they have to strive despite the situation we find ourselves in so that they can succeed at school. 

I have learned to know myself as a person, and show the love of God I feel for others, not only with words, but also with my actions. To know Jesus changes everything. I really liked the 4 guidelines for emotional well-being, what is respect for oneself and others, the dialogue that we must have with our children and with our students, the habit of reflecting on every action asking ourselves, what would Jesus do? 
The best way to apply what I learned in my educational environment and community would be to give talks to my students. I’ve learned that sharing my experiences with them and asking them to share their experience with me builds trust. Being well trained how to use the word of God has brought new knowledge and a bright future. Like
Paul said forgetting the things of the past we push ahead into the things of God. Thank you!”


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