Memorial Day 2021

Memorial Day was established to remember, as a nation, those who have died during active military duty in service to America. Its purpose is to honor their sacrifice.  Without the people who made those sacrifices, our lives in America today would look very different.

We would not have the freedoms we enjoy and our ability to share the gospel of Jesus Christ would be greatly limited.  Regardless of the challenges that face our nation currently, this country still affords its people the greatest opportunities for achievement of all the nations of the world.  That environment of possibilities and potential was fought for and defended by our fellow citizens who made the ultimate sacrifice.  

Their contribution to the fabric of our lives should be remembered and celebrated, but among the cook-outs, road-trips, shopping and leisure, there should be a certain time when we stop and thank God for the selflessness of those who have gone before us, giving their only chance at life so that others could live a better one.

Thank you to all military personnel who have given their lives in service to us all.  We hold your sacrifice in the highest honor.


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