Testimony – Lessons learned

From the 2020 4th Quarter Report

“My name is Danytza Mamani Colque.

I am 29 years old. I am a teacher of the elementary school September 8, in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

I believe that as parents, we must be immersed in the word of God in order to educate our children, and not be so isolated as many of us are accustomed to focusing solely on their work. In today’s education of children and young people Bible literacy is critical.   

I think we should make parents aware that teachers are only moderators – at best, we reinforce the education that must already come from home.

Thanks to what we learned as chaplains, we have managed to make it possible to use the Bible in my workplace to now be able to share its wisdom with parents. A goal is to prevent them from being isolated and understand that they are a fundamental pillar in their children’s lives and education. In particular, I really liked that the chaplain courses gave us a strategy with parents helping them understand that they are the principal actors in this educational process. Too many parents think that education is simply the work of educators/teachers. Godliness starts from home and that it must be current and up-to-date  at all times.

To apply what I have learned in my classroom as a teacher and in my school as a chaplain, I would be looking to create spaces of interaction with parents so that they participate. I do workshops for parents at a school level and meet with other teachers explaining how to apply the Biblical principles within their classrooms and find time to meet with parents helping them participate. As a community we must work together, which means educating of our children in the ways of the Lord.”


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