The importance of sharing

It is human to share.  Humans are created to be social, to seek out other humans for interaction.  Sharing promotes loyalty and can be the kindling that ignites a fond relationship.

An old adage says that “food tastes best in the mouth of my friend.”  The meaning highlights the understanding that sharing the things you enjoy allows you to appreciate the reaction of another which increases and enhances your own enjoyment.  There are times in life when sharing a bad or sad experience lessens the impact of the event, but sharing the good things and times of your life allows you to extend and repeat your enjoyment.

This truth about sharing has undergirded the social media explosion of the past several years.  There would be no social media without “sharing”.

The best sharing involves the sharing of the best news humans have ever heard, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Lord, Himself, gave every believer the Great Commission to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,” in Mark 16:15.  To preach is to tell, to say, to verbally share the gospel or good news about Jesus, who He is and what He has done.

Jesus wanted everyone to know because what He did was done on behalf of every single person ever born.  But to get the benefit which is eternal life with Him in Heaven, everyone has to accept the gift.

We have to share the news about this free gift.  The most receptive audiences are children.  Mission Generation is dedicated to sharing the Good News of Jesus with every child around the world.  

Help us share with more children, reaching more families and changing the eternal destiny of as many people as possible before Jesus returns.


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