Natural Faith and Spiritual Faith

No one would go to the store unless they believed they would find groceries.  No one would sit down in a chair unless they believed it would hold them up.  No one would get behind the wheel of a car unless they believed it was drivable.  Everyone uses natural faith every day to maneuver through life.  We expect certain things to happen based on past experiences and faith in the natural order of our environment. 

Believers also have faith in the spiritual world.  Just like our actions in the natural show where our natural faith is, so do our actions show where our spiritual faith is.  If we believe Jesus was speaking to us when He said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,” then our actions would demonstrate that belief.  Our corresponding actions would be to witness at every opportunity to those we meet and to help the ministries of Jesus be successful in their efforts to share the gospel.

Mission Generation is such a ministry.  The School Chaplain Program works every day to provide chaplains with training and materials to share the gospel with children in Central/South America, Europe and Africa.

God’s Word is true and the fruit of every believer is another believer.  Our actions of faith are telling the gospel to someone who hasn’t met Jesus yet or helping someone else’s efforts to do that.  Corresponding actions (telling, giving, sharing, going) tell everyone in the universe exactly where your faith is.


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