Testimony – Able to guide young people

From the 2020 4th Quarter Report

“My name is Edwin Choque Condori.

I am 39 years old, I am a teacher and chaplain at the Magisterium in the city of Oruro. The topics learned helped the chaplains strengthen relationships both in the family and at work. Since there is no school for parents it is important that we help them with experience we have. Teaching parents is the way to help them pass their love on to our children.

At the moment I am in the educational manager for our district. Being a certified chaplain helps me in a great way when it comes to talking and guiding young people, considering that I work at the secondary level and we know that most young people are in the rebellious at their age. The chaplain program has helps us a lot to be able to guide them and their parents.

The chaplain program makes it so easy to treat the issues that used to be such a problem. Since using the word of the Lord experiences have changed from dealing with the consequences of bad decisions to helping students and parents make decision to prevent bad things from happening.  The knowledge we acquire with these courses have helped me as a parent as well as an educational authority.”

You need to update yourself daily and learn about new things. From my point of view, I think we have to be more empathetic, learn to put ourselves in the other person’s place. We often act very rigid as parents because we have been raised that way, and now we must consider that times have changed. We must evolve together with our children since they have new ways of seeing the world and why the Bible is more important than ever. Being trained in the word of God is to act as it is taught, a new means to operate. 

We necessarily need the practice what Jesus said, to be able to apply everything learned both at home and in the work environment.

In our educational field, at the secondary level we have many young people of all kinds of social and different families separated and now we know how to approach them so that we can guide our young people. Thank you.


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