A Mission Generation First!

We wanted to share a first for Mission Generation. The Panamanian Department of Education has contracted to provide chaplain training to Panamanian teachers nationwide. With this agreement, the national Department of Education in Panama will be incentivizing their schools to participate. We anticipate near 100% compliance.

If you remember in 2019, we reported that approximately 900 schools representing around a million Panamanian students would be added to the program in 2020. Covid and the resulting school closings delayed that acquisition. The agreement signed yesterday will go into effect as soon as the document is ratified by their government. At that time, we will have access to the official student data and will learn the exact number of schools. This is just in time, because schools in Panama are reopening in March. Chaplains will be more important than ever.

More exciting news comes from Mexico with their 35 million students. The Mexican pilot program is going very well. The Mexican Department of Education has been following events in Panama. The precedent of a national agreement will support the efforts of our team to sign a similar agreement with Mexico. Having the national endorsement of Panama is sure to enhance relations with many other nations.

God is moving throughout all Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries and Mission Generation is strategically positioned by God to have maximum effect in spreading the light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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