Testimony – Learn to adapt

From the 2020 4th Quarter Report

“My name is Lizzeth Pardo Guzmán.

I am 25 years old, I am a teacher of the Colegio Cástulo  Chavez, of the high school level. I am also an chaplain in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

The courses offered by the chaplain program have helped me understand what we are currently going through; as well as learning new experiences which has been something new for everyone but we have learned to adapt thanks to the information we have received during this pandemic.

In my school we have been able to understand each of the students, just as we have also been able to use different strategies to be able to reach each of them, be able to understand them and be able to continue with the advancement of their classes.

The new things I’ve learned about myself through the truth of the Bible have helped me be a better teacher, counselor, and chaplain. As chaplains we’re always learning something new and that’s why these workshops are so valuable helping us to be able to overcome ourselves day by day and be able to learn much more.”

I liked all the classes and I have all managed to bring out the positives for my work and my daily life.

The best way to apply what we have learned would be to say we have learned how to connect with everything to Jesus. They have taught us to advance and to apply what we learn as chaplains at home, not just at school with students, but to our family members and children in our homes. I am so thankful for all of the changes in our family as a result.


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