Loving Like Jesus

Valentine’s Day began as a remembrance of the death of a Roman priest named Valentine around the year 270 AD.  He defied a decree of the then-Emperor Claudius who banned all weddings in an attempt to get more soldiers for his army.  The priest Valentine was arrested and killed, but left a note in his cell to a friend signed, “from your Valentine” and a tradition was born.  Valentine cards and sentiments have been expressed to friends and family commonly in America since the mid-1800’s.  It has become a day to remember a special someone with candy, flowers and hearts.  It all symbolizes the emotion of love.

When Jesus loved people, He did so as He saw His father love people.  It was a decision, not an emotion.  Emotions often follow the God-kind of love, but it isn’t always there.  When we walk in love as the Bible says in Eph. 5:2, our actions are motivated by the benefit of others, not our own likes or needs.  The God-kind of love is described in depth in 1 Cor. 13:4-7.  Love is patient, thoughtful, steadfast, faithful, believes the best of others and is always hopeful.  It is never jealous, prideful, rude, offended or selfish.

To conduct ourselves in the kind of love that Jesus showed will have us thinking of the other person’s welfare and best interest in every interaction, whether we are in the store, in the car, in the drive-thru, standing in a line, posting on social media or talking on the phone.  Every interaction is a deposit we make into someone else and it is a seed to a future action that will come back to us.

Sowing love by “walking in love” is the command of our Big Brother, the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, and obeying that command has rich rewards coming back to us now and for eternity.


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