100 Million Souls by 2025

The School Chaplain Program (SCP) is now in every Spanish-speaking country in the world, Central and South America, Africa, and Europe. Yes, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Argentina are all among the countries that have authorized the Mission Generation School Chaplain Program to be used in their PUBLIC schools.

Venezuela was a big surprise! Between COVID, Communism and extremely limited internet access in 2020, entry into the chaplain program was somewhat unexpected. Hundreds of Venezuelan teachers and parents signed up to be trained as chaplains. They want to bring the Word of God to public school children. Venezuela is a huge prize with approximately 7.4 million PK-12th grade students.

Spain, our European participant, is one of the largest economies in the world and has approximately 8.1 million PK-12th grade students. Equatorial Guinea is the only representative of the chaplain program in Africa. It is a small country with an estimated 323,817 children in PK-12th grades. A high percentage of people in Equatorial Guinea are reported to be Christians, and they have enthusiastically embraced the chaplain program to keep Jesus in public schools.

The school chaplain program delivers the unfettered Word of God to millions of people everyday through public schools, the largest network in the world. Participants are taught how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those around them and a harvest of new souls is continually being reaped for the Kingdom of God.

The Word of God does not return void, but it accomplishes its purpose of salvation – love, hope and faith. (Is 55:11)


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