Testimony – I can better help my students

From the 2020 4th Quarter Report

“My name is Raul Soliz Correa.

I am 37 years old and I am a high school teacher and chaplain at John Kennedy in a community in Warnes, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

It was very important for me to learn from the topics addressed at the conference because they helped me a lot to get closer to my family, especially my students so that I could help them cope with the situation we are facing with the pandemic. Now for example, I know how to help them fulfill their school assignments and how to advance their classes online.

It has also helped me a lot to know how to approach my students and their parents to be encouraged through the word of God. I learned how to apply use scripture to keep students more involved in their work and to have more interest in their studies. Students and their parents lend themselves to participating.

Now I’m in the province and it is amazing how many parents and students come to me after school. It’s hard for the people here to trust. I pay attention to them so I can help them, and thanks to God, what I have learned, the Bible app I counsel people using his word.”

After participating in the conference, I realized that it is very important to know more about the circumstances and also the interior of my students in order to understand why they cannot or do not have an interest in performing better in their studies. I have learned how to approach their parents to encourage them to better help their children, and motivate them to be more aware of their children’s situations and/or activities.


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