We Are Precious In His Sight

This Sunday, January 17, 2021, is National Sanctity of Life day.  It started in 1984 by President Reagan, and has been recognized by most, but not all, administrations since.

As Christians, we support the life of a newborn baby because most of us agree that God created that life. No one has the right to terminate that life before it has the chance to live outside the womb.  God is the source and giver of life.  It should be held precious; it should be respected and protected.  After all, God made us in His own image!

Do you truly believe in the sanctity of life? Here are a few questions for you to consider:

~ What about parents who are unable to care for a child?

Do you support foster care? Would you interrupt your family life to think about fostering a child?  If not, can you give to agencies and support to those that do? 

~ What about the children born into poverty who need the basics of clean water, food and shelter?

Do you give to ministries that make provisions for these children? Do you pray for their well-being?

~ Let’s skip to the end of life. Do you hold the life of the elderly in high regards?

Should a person’s  life be terminated just because it is too much work to keep that life going? Are you guilty of the thought “after all, they have already lived a good long life”?

We should carefully consider our answers to these questions in order to evaluate our level of commitment to a God-perspective on life. We need to make sure our passion for the newborn remains strong and carries into supporting the lives of children already born. We should also value and esteem the lives of the elderly around us. Let us cherish life at every level. Let us look for ways to support those who are passionate about preserving life, no matter the age.


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