New Beginnings

Even though we have all seen the month of January before, we have never seen January 2021 before.  We have seen new years before, but we have never seen this new year before.  Each year, as each day, is a reset, a fresh opportunity to make and create something different than what has been.

Purpose to turn away from the stress, fear and disappointment of 2020, and decide to have a fresh, expectant perspective as you look toward the new year ahead.  Focus on the day you are living, dedicating yourself to doing your best and looking for God’s blessings, moment by moment.  Be grateful for His goodness as you enjoy family, friends and successful endeavors.  Do not bring what was into what is now.  And do not waste what is now thinking too much about what might be.  Live right now.

Let 2021 be the year you determine to use every day to accomplish your God-given destiny and use every opportunity to contribute to the increase of God’s kingdom.  Pursue peace and look for ways to share God’s love and grace with the world around you.


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