Outlook Changed by Mission Generation

Here’s a testimony from Jose’ Alfredo Machicado, a high school student at Castulo Chavez School in Panama.  He shares lessons he’s learned with the help of our curriculum:

“My name is José Alfredo, I am 15 years old. I’ve learned values ​​are the most important thing in life, and based on these, the ethics of the human being is encouraged. These values can be instilled from childhood to part of adolescence. It is very sad to see that, little by little, the values ​​are instilled less. For example, in the past, foul language or insults merited a punishment to discipline. Now, even in social networks, some pride themselves on being badly spoken and see it as very common.

I like to come to school to socialize, share, and have fun with my classmates. The lessons have helped me a lot because I have started to value my family more, keeping in mind that at some point I will move away from them. The death of my loved ones has affected me a lot.  When I was 4 years old, my older brother died, and recently, my grandfather passed away. I had a very close relationship with him.  In the texts, I learned that bad things happen, but I shouldn’t focus on the problems and worry about them.

When I finish school, I plan to provide military service and then study electrical engineering.  Other plans include work on a project that I already have with some colleagues to help the environment.”

We appreciate Jose’ sharing this input!


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