Purpose and Identity

Gabriel thought he was destined to be a poor farmer for the rest of his life until he got his Mission Generation textbook and decided to go to college to make his dreams come true.

“Before receiving my first Mission Generation textbook I didn’t understand the point of going to a university or college. Neither of my parents attended and my mom dropped out of school when she was young to help her parents attend to their farm, she still doesn’t know how to read.

My parents and older siblings run our family farm full time. Even at night someone stands guard, the area we live in is very dangerous. There are many thieves, especially during the night that try to steal our cattle and crops, which my family’s livelihood. There are police but they are corrupt and aren’t much help in protecting us.

When we had the lessons on identity out of the Mission Generation’s textbook, for the first time in my life I saw myself being something other than a farmer. I now want to become a policeman to protect good people like my family so they can sleep at night.”

-Gabriel Mesa (Age:18)


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