Teacher Testimonies – 10/19

Teachers who utilize the Mission Generation curriculum are tasked with the important job of conveying the content to their students. They work hand-in-hand with the chaplains at their schools. Here are a couple testimonies from  teachers in our Bolivia program.

José Maria Torrejón is a teacher at Center of Dreams School.  She attended a Mission Generation conference and reports this:

“This conference has come to us at a good time, because we were having a hard time raising awareness among 5th and 6th grade students about their responsibilities. I think it will help them to mature and think seriously about their lives and their decisions. ”

Eloisa J. M.  is a Middle School teacher and says:

“My name is Eliosa . I have been working in this school for 5 years as a language teacher and I have seen many cases that my students are going through serious problems in their homes, being sexually abused and abused. They dare not tell anyone, but the chaplains came and began to talk to them and give workshops describing many cases of abuse. The children then felt safe to tell about what they were going through. Many of them, some of whom were my students, are no longer in school because they were taken elsewhere for help. It is good that the chaplains continue to come to help us. As teachers, we often do not know what to do with some children and their problems.”


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