Student Testimony – 10/19

Students are why we do what we do!  We seek to impact the lives of children so that they have hope and a future.  Here is a testimony of a student in the program.

Roxana M.T. is a high school student in our program in Bolivia.  Here’s what she had to say:

“My name is Roxana. I used to cut my arms but did not tell anyone.  I always covered them up so no one could see. I am 16 years old and I started cutting because a friend taught me.  I liked it—I didn’t know why I was doing it and I was hurting myself.  My teacher told me that she was going to help me when she saw my arms. She had me participate in a training at school (Mission Generation curriculum) about how important we are to God.  It taught us that we should take care of our body as a temple of God.”

What an amazing testimony from Roxana!  She needed help and was able to get that help through lessons from our curriculum.  This material changes lives as it goes forth in the classroom!


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