Chaplain Testimonies – 10/19

Mission Generation’s Chaplain’s program is working alongside the schools where our curriculum is taught.  It is a valuable tool which provides guidance and counseling for students and gets Jesus not only to them, but additionally to their families.  Here are a couple testimonies from Bolivia chaplains in the program:

Edilio Castro Peña, from University Church shares this:

 “The chaplaincy training was very good.  I also appreciate the vision of the program to reach the lost. My expectation is great, because I will be helping whole families with spiritual values and principles that transform human beings for good.”

Olga Coimbra, with Lion of Judah Church says:

“I am blessed with the Chaplain Program training. It has given me tools to help young people in schools.  It brings solutions to the different problems that I see every day in the classroom. It establishes the kingdom of God in an understandable way for young people. My desire is to bear fruit with what I have received, to raise other chaplains, and to reach youth for Christ. ”


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