Purposeful Parenting – 2

Hi, Parents!  In a world that craves constant stimulation and entertainment, I have some advice for you. Allow your children to be bored—yes, you heard that right. The next time your child comes to you with the “I’m bored” complaint, ask them to go explore and discover something they can teach to you.  Or you can ask them to create something with the talents and interests that are unique to them and their personality. Allow them to engage their creative minds.

In an article on PBS Kids for Parents site, the Kratt Brothers, Chris & Martin, who host the TV show, Wild Kratts, shared a portion of their childhood story.  They tell of camping in Vermont in a pop-up trailer in a wide open field.  They had nothing to entertain them, so they would explore and create their own adventures.  These explorations led them to study zoology and biology which launched them into what they love to do today.  Something great happened because the Kratt brothers were “bored”.  Here’s a quote from the article:

“Boredom leads kids to flex their creative muscles. It gives them time to think a little bit, to breathe, explore, and figure out their own interests. It may be difficult at first, but if you give kids space to get bored, you’ll be amazed by the creative ways they’ll fill their time.”

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