Purposeful Parenting – 1

Parents, let’s face it—with all the routines and interruptions of each day, we can easily fall into a rut.  How about making a conscious effort to teach character traits to our children?  Choose one trait a week then determine what you can do and say to reinforce it.  Here are a few character traits with ideas to help your child remember.

Kindness – Take your child to visit someone elderly; Volunteer for you and your children to deliver meals to the shut-ins once a week while they are out for the summer; Hold the door open for those behind you as you enter and exit stores; Be sure to say “thank you” to those who serve you.

Generosity – Pay for the car behind you in a fast food drive-through; Take a meal to someone you know who has had a baby, come home from the hospital, or had a death in the family; Have the kids help bake cookies and take them to a neighbor or a fire department near you.

Responsibility – Give children household chores—not to get paid for them, but because it is their responsibility.  They should work together as an important part of the” family team” to make a happier home.  When they do their part, have a “family team” outing to celebrate.

These are just a few character traits and ideas.  The main thing to remember is to point the trait out to the children while doing the activities—make the character trait a talking point.  Include your children in knowing how to treat others and the world around them.  Make the most of your time to infuse greatness into them!


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